Puppy mills problem

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Hello everyone,

We are a young couple from Den Haag trying to adopt a little, loving dog. Our search has been really difficult since we always suspect we are dealing with puppy mills. Do any of you know of waiting lists for boomer or maltezer puppies? We'd really appreciate the advise.

Best regards,

Alexandra en Ivo

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'Boomers' are not a breed; this is a term for small cross-breed dogs of various combinations. For that reason, most of the places who are breeding them, are part of puppy mills.

There is however a maltezer breed society: https://www.maltezervereniging.nl/ You can find a list of associated breeders on their website.

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Contact breeders from the weblink Aurelia posted. See if you like the way the breeder works, get to know them and the dogs. Ask a lot of questions smile or keep an eye on shelters ! Maybe a young dog needs a new home ( but small cute dogs are adopted very quickly). 

Most important thing is: be patient and do your research to find a respectable breeder smile ( how much dogs are in the house, do they do healthtests on the parents, are the puppies raised in the house, how much litters does a bitch get, is it clean in the house, are the dogs clean... etc etc) 


good luck ! 

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You could also consider adopting a dog from a shelter


for example


Of course for dogs like Tasha you have to have empathy and knowledge. (But isnt that for any dog?)

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