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Hi, I am new on the forum. Welcome me. 

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Je bent welkom hier, vertel eens wat over jezelf, misschien kan je dat in het nederlands ? Dit is een hondenforum, heb je een hond ?

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" Hi, I am new on the forum. Welcome me.  "

Haay welcome on this forum smile If you have a dog we like to see pictures and hear stories to tongue-out 

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Welcome Isabella! 

This is a forum about dogs. 

So, if you have anything to tell us and show us about yourself and your dog(s), please go ahead! 

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" Hi, I am new on the forum. Welcome me.  "


Welcome foot-in-mouth

honden page profiel Isabella JorgeIsabella Jorge

Thank you so much to everyone for welcoming me in the forum. No I don't have any dog yet,

But I am planning to own a Bernedoodle. I have just searched on internet, and found some of the top breeders, but I am very confused as I really don't know much about these breeders. it's my first

experience to buy a dog online. Let me know if you guys know anything about these breeders, you 

can also recommend any other breeder, which you think is a good breeder, but not included in the list. 

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Bernedoodle. If i search on it it shows some nice picters. I'm a Bernese mountain dog lover but I hold my hearth.


The most bernese have a short live. And there are lots of problems they get very often (not al but often).

I don't think it is a good thing they use the bernese now for doodle combinations. It makes me get worried.


They better put energy at recover the Bernese mountaindog breed. Back to good health and longer life.


Do you want an doodle type because an allergy or like an assistense dog i would advice to read a lot about this combination. The original breeds that are in it and about other doodles.


Also check out that each breed combination needs different healt tests (each breed has his own risk) If the parents from breed you choose have no recent test results. Or no test results. There are also reasons to think about it ten times or longer.


You want a healty dog wich you can enjoy and share your life with for a long time.


Lot of bernese is given short time. And an combine is no ensurance that, that would change anything it could also can make it wurse.


Think well about it. Read alot. And very good you came to ask questions. 


And really on photos they look really cool and the bernese is in my heart for ever. And if they have a lot of the character of the bernese mountaindog it could be fantastic dogs. But looking cool and using nice breeds does not quarante a healty dog. 


I have not followed the breed in the last few years so i did not know they came up with the bernedoodle. (Bernesedoodle would sound better) It makes me smile and sad and getting worried in de same time. 


Good luck in your way to get yourself a dog.  You can better research long time. Get lots of information. Before you make a choice. 


If the breed combination is made official or, or is a typpical bread breading I don't know. But for most chance to a healty dog avoid bread breading. 




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Welcome Isabella!


First of all, it is a very wise thing to come and ask some questions here, since “we” are all very passionate about dogs here.


as Duch auti already explained, you won’t find any good “bernedoodle” breeders since it isn’t an official breed and is very subjective to “fashion”.  Also as already pointed out, the bernese mountain dog is a very unhealthy breed with lots of cancer. 
In order to get a pup with the healthiest start you could wish for, you should really think about what you want in a dog and what breed would fit into this picture. Then, with a little help of this forum if you’d like, find a good breeder for the breed of your choice. I am sure, there are also English lists of what to look for in a breeder: health test results (official paper!!), show results and if necessary for the breed, also working results. Besides, also make sure you can see mom and the living environment the pups will spend their first weeks in. 


I don’t know where you’re  from,  but around here you cannot buy a pup from a pet store as you can in USA. Buying very expensive muds -because this is what a bernedoodle or anything of the sort is-  from so  called breeders, you’d keep supporting these people with money and they will continue producing unhealthy dogs. Also a lot of these dogs live in terrible circumstances or are imported from eastern europe (of interested, there are a lot of documentaires about it).


if you would like a cross-breed, just go to the animal shelter; enough young “covid” dogs available right now.:.


ps NEVER EVER buy a dog online without seeing it and checking the criteria we mentioned. People willing to sell you a dog before meeting you in person are always trouble!!

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Hi Isabella


I hope u have read the messages here. And that it helps you to make a good choice for yourself as well for the dog/puppy. 


If u have more questions just ask. 


And I hope some messages include mine, did not demotivate you. In looking for a dog but that it helps to realise that there ar bad people in the world that don't care about the dog's and the puppy's health but only about the money the can get for it. 


And most of the times breeds and cross breeds that are sold by those. The adults were not tested and most of the time living in bad circomstances. 


Pups born under certain conditions have underlaying health problems, but also  cary very often  diseases and behavior troubles and also very often getting removed from their mom much to early. But staying at least 8 weeks with mom is importend to learn a lot of things (and very small breeds even longer) and dogs from anothers country can not leave the country before the age of 13 weeks befcause they need to be vacvinated with rabies and that needs a few weeks time before it works well. It a very importend time of there grown up to stay long enough with mom also to get knowlegde about the dog language/signs they use for eachother. 


Al these things makes it importend that u be able to see the parents, at least the mom. That you see the grow up conditions. The behavior of mom and if she looked well cared for. If the pups look and behave healty. If there are recent test results. And that the are not false. 


We only want that you make a good choice and that you get youreself a dog witch you can enjoy for very long time with less risk at health problems. 


And yess that will take more time then respond online and buy a pup without even seeying it. And probebly more expensive because the tests of the parents.  But that is for a good cause. 


Don't get yourself trapped by breeders that say they give guaranty and only good health prove of the pups by ther own animal docter. Or you don't get contact afterwards of they just say if your pup us sick to turn it in for an other. Those pups are no products they are alive. 


But putting energy in making the right choice for a healty dog you do yourself a big favor and the dogs to. 


I hope you will respond here.


And the honest messages didn't scare you away because that is not the intention at all.


But some of us have learned the hard way ourselfs. And still after years of warning. Still also ppl come here wanting to warn others for the mistake they made themselfs.  Getting a pup you love emediatley and just in a few hours at home it turns out to be sick. Or in a later stage it has a very agressive epilepsy kind,  hip or elbow troubles (and very much more conditions i could write down here, conditions that were so bad that you need to let go your loving friend instead of dealing with pain every day. Or dying at cancer much to young. 


That are things we want not to happen. Not for you, not for ourselfs. Not for the dogs. 


Only to prevent you for a mistake.


Take care

And i hope u give us a message. As well how our way of being honest is experienced by you. And if it is helping you to make a right choice. 


And when you made a choice it is always nice to see  pictures from puppy time and grown up time. And puppy owners love to share experiences. 


And of course  not evything is to prevent. But a good breeder would never breed with a dog he knows from that is not healty. And the only way to do that is to do proper tests to get knowlegde about there full health and to know if they are carriers of a condition that you don't want to give to the pups. 




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